Violet Crown Jiu Jitsu - Kids BJJ

Violet Crown Jiu Jitsu Violet Crown Jiu Jitsu - Kids BJJ

Bully Proofing

Through training jiu jitsu your child will learn how to be confident and assertive. Our program will teach them how to handle themselves physically and how to avoid conflict off the mats.


Violet Crown’s kids classes teach through games and drills that will help develop mind-body coordination. Our kids learn dynamic movements and how to fall safely during class.

Violet Crown Jiu Jitsu Violet Crown Jiu Jitsu - Kids BJJ

Socialization & Teamwork

Kids learn how to cooperate and act as a team in a fun environment. We encourage them to support each other and become friends as they learn jiu jitsu together. After a few sessions kids will start to feel comfortable on the mats and they often want to start attending more classes.

Positive Environment

You’ll find that Violet Crown coaches are experienced, fun role models for your kids to learn from. We create a positive environment for your kid to participate in one of the fastest growing martial arts in the world. There are scientific studies that have shown increased social skills, self-confidence, and less aggressiveness among young martial artists. Try out a class today.