Getting Started in Jiu Jitsu

Our beginner’s orientation is designed for people without martial arts experience. The 1 hour orientation outlined below will get you started on your jiu jitsu journey the right way!

  • Meet head instructor Rudy Rexx
  • Learn what Jiu Jitsu is
  • Gym etiquette and safety
  • Learn to fall safely
  • Learn the basic positions
  • Meet other beginners
  • Schedule your first class

Keep reading to learn more and then fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. We will reach out to you to schedule beginner’s orientation.

jiu jitsu questions

Jiu Jitsu FAQ

Q: What is jiu jitsu?

A: It is a martial art that focuses on taking your opponent to the ground, controlling them via a series of pins and holds, and finally applying a submission hold. The art prioritizes technique and leverage over strength and athleticism. It can be used for both sport grappling and self-defense situations.


Q: Should I get in shape before starting?

A: No need, you’ll get in shape over time. The classes are movement and cardio based. Coupled with a proper diet you will naturally get in shape and your cardio will increase. Its a fun and dynamic workout on top of it all.


Q: Do I have to spar?

A: Sparring allows us to apply our techniques vs. live resistance and constantly test/evolve the art. However, you do not have to spar until you are comfortable. We’d recommend sitting out of sparring or only participating in positional sparring during your first 1-2 months.


Q: Are people going to intentionally injure me?

A: No, all of your training partners at Violet Crown are taught to take care of each other. Nobody will intentionally try to harm you. Class instruction and our beginner’s orientation prioritizes your safety. If at any time you are concerned, unsure, or something hurts you simply need to tap on your partner and/or verbally say “tap” and they will let go.


Q: What is a class like?

A: Our instructors each have their own style. However a typical class format consists of a quick warm-up, technique, positional training, and some sparring rounds.


Q: Whats the difference between “Gi” and “No Gi?”

A: Jiu Jitsu originated in Japan where the “Gi” or “Kimono” was prevalent in the martial art scene. It is a martial arts uniform that can withstand the constant throws and material gripping required by Jiu Jitsu. As Jiu Jitsu integrated with Mixed Martial Arts and self defense it made more sense to simulate these situations in rash guards and shorts. This is known as “No Gi” on our school schedule. We train both Gi and No Gi at Violet Crown as they both have their merits.


Q: What should I wear to my first class?

A: A t-shirt and athletic shorts are fine for the first class. We typically have rash guards you can purchase, just ask Rudy. If you want good quality gear at a lower price, we’d recommend Sanabul to get started. We’d recommend at least 1 Gi, 1 rash guard, and grappling shorts to start.


Q: How often should I wash my gear?

A: You should wash it as soon as possible after class. Its highly suggested to immediately throw your gear in the washer after class to prevent it from smelling and to maintain good hygiene.


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